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What Is An Emergency?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine what is and isn’t a true pet emergency, But in general, if you’re concerned, then we are too! Common emergencies include but are not limited to:

  • Ingestion of a toxic substance, including human foods like xylitol, chocolate, or garlic, to household cleaning agents or automotive fluids
  • Hot-weather fainting, seizures, and other signs of heat stroke
  • Fractures, lameness, severe lacerations, and other signs of serious trauma
  • Bleeding from the orifices
  • Choking, gagging, and respiratory distress
  • Eye injury
  • Inability or refusal to drink water or eat food
  • Lengthy periods between delivery of puppies or kittens in a litter (difficult labor)
  • Unexplained disorientation, dizziness, or loss of consciousness
  • Inability to urinate or defecate

If you think that your pet might need emergency care, call us right away at (306) 540-9691.